Caves of the Storrisberg

Useful Information

Location: 3.5 km northwest of Olofsfors bruk.
Follow 353/E4 from Norrfors to exit Levar/Olofsfors, through Olofsfors. Signposted.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: free
Classification: SpeleologyErosionshöhlen SpeleologyBrandungshöhle
Light: bring torch
Dimension: Tjuv-Antes grotta: L=30 m, W=5 m, H=3 m.
Guided tours:
Address: Storrisbergets naturreservat, Nordmalings kommun, 91481 Nordmaling, Tel: +46-930-14000. E-mail: contact
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1966 rediscovered in by Rabbe Sjöberg.
1975 nature reserve created.


Storrisbergsgrottorna is a small nature reserve with an area of 20 ha, on Storrisberget (Storris mountain, 131 m asl), which contains several small caves.

The biggest and best known of the caves is Tjuv-Antes grotta. Tjuv-Antes (Thief Antes) is the local name of the thief Anders Andersson, who - according to local lore - hid in the cave during the 19th century.

Tjuv-Antes grotta and other caves in the reserve are sea caves, created by the erosion of Baltic Sea waves. About 9500 years ago the rocks were below sea level, pushed down by the weight of several kilometers of ice. When the glaciers melted rather fast, the weight vanished and the crust started to uplift. The fast movement caused tectonic forces in the rock which resulted in seismic activity and the formation of crevices. Such crevices are weaknesses in the rock, caused by tiny fissures. When the weak zones reached the surface of the sea, they were eroded rather fast by the waves, so the caves are located at the weak fault zones.