Bodås gruva

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Location: At Bodås, south of Torsåker. From Torsåker follow RV68 south towards Avesta, after about 6 km turn left.
Open: after appointment [2007]
Classification: MineIron Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Kratte Masugn Konferens & Äventyr, 81396 Torsåker, Tel: +46-290-45023, Cell: +46-290-45026, Fax: +46-290-45025. E-mail: contact
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1857 mine opened.
1864 mine closed.
1945 mine reopened.
1973 mine closed.
1990 used for mushroom cultivation.



Bodås Gruva is a 20th century iron mine. It was owned by the steel company Sandvik, opened in 1945 and closed in 1973. The mine produce iron ores like magnetite, pyrite, and chalcopyrite. The entrance building with headframe is very well preserved.

After it was closed the mine was used to grow white mushrooms, an experiment which failed. We suppose because of the same reasons as always: the great danger of infections of the monoculture through the many openings of a mine. Today mushrooms are generally produced in huge halls above ground which are easier to maintain and surveil.

The Bodås Gruva is now used to produce svensk whisky named Mackmyra Preludium. Preludium:04 was destilled from local malt in 2002, then stored for three years underground in Bodås Gruva in bourbon casks, swedish oak casks, and sherry casks. The whisky is a blend of the same whisky stored in different casks. After the finishing it was sold in MAY-2006 and it was sold out completely in a few hours. Soon after a single bottle was traded for SEK 10,000 (EUR 1,000).