Gruvmuseet Norberg

Useful Information

Location: In Norberg.
Open: Summer Sat, Sun 13-15.
Open Air museum: no restrictions.
Fee: Open Air museum: free.
Classification: MineIron Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Norbergs Turistbyrå, Engelbrektsgatan 73, 73831 Norberg, Tel: +46-223-29130, Fax: +46-223-29133. E-mail: contact
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The Gruvmuseet Norberg (Norberg Mining Museum) is located in the pumping house over a 114 m deep shaft and contains remains of wooden pumps and a mineral exhibition. The building was errected in 1876 on top of an 18th century shaft. Its name is Risbergs konstschakt, as the puming machinery in the building was powered by a water wheel, and the power transmitted mechanically with a stånggång, also called konstgång or konst.

The term konst is derived from the German word Kunst, which today means artificial or art. But as a miners term it means the "art" of transporting energy from the water wheel to the mine where it was needed. It works with a simple construction of wooden logs, iron joints and some fat. Two long parallel logs are connected with joints with two short logs. While one os moving forth, the other is moving back. The turn of the waterwheel is transformed into a back and forth movement, the double logs transport the energy during both movements. The back and forth movement can be directly used to power the pumps. A great advantage of this technology was its simplicity which made it easy to maintain and repair, and easy to build with cheap and available material.

The museum is located in the village Norberg, on the rim of the Mossgruvan mining area.