Skottvångs Gruva

Useful Information

Location: 64700 Mariefred.
E20 exit Akers Styckebruk, through the village, turn left at gas station, 5 km signposted.
(59.181287, 17.135812)
Classification: MineIron Mine MineLead Mine MineSilver Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: VR=305 m.
Guided tours:
Address: Skottvångs Gruva, 64700 Mariefred, Tel: +46-158-32012, Fax: +46-158-32001. E-mail: contact
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~1500 mine opened.
1920 mine closed.



Skottvångs Gruva is a 16th century mine, which is today operated as a sort of resort. There is a show mine which may be visited on guided tours and a mining museum, located in an old mine building. The other buildings are part of the resort and include a restaurant, conference rooms, a garden with garden cafe in summer, Café Gruvstugan, and a function room which is used for concerts, theatre and family celebrations. There is also the possibility to take health treatments like a massage.

The historic mine was primarily an iron mine. But other metals were also found in the ore. The iron was used for the production of cannons, which were cast nearby at Akers Styckebruk.