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Location: Basement of Stockholm's City Hall.
(59.3275, 18.0543)
Open: All year daily 11:30-14:30, Wed-Sat 17-23.
Nobel menus: All year Wed–Sat 17-23.
Closed 10-DEC, the evening of the Nobel Prize banquet.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar Restaurant
Light: electric
Guided tours: n/a
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Stadshuskällaren, Stockholms Stadshus, Hantverkargatan 1, 105 35 Stockholm, Tel: +46-8-586-218-30. E-mail:
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1922 Restaurant Stadshuskällaren opened.


This traditional cellar restaurant is actually of the Ratskeller type. The German term means a cellar restaurant in the town hall frequented by the city council, and in Swedish that's translated Stadshuskällaren (City Hall Cellars). But this is not a normal restaurant, it is the location of the yearly Nobel Price banquets. On this day the restaurant is closed for the public and is frequented by Nobel prizewinners, geniuses, humanitarians, and Swedish nobility. The menu is different every year, and is served on green-and-gold Nobel china. The tableware was designed by Professor Karin Björquist on behalf of the Nobel Foundation.

If you thought you need to win the Nobel Prize to eat the Nobel Prize menu you are wrong. The restaurant offers all menus which were ever served here on the green-and-gold Nobel china. So pick your favourite Nobel Prize winner, check the year on Wikipedia, and order the same menu he had. Obviously there are a few minor drawbacks. The menus are served only in the evening, you have to book 5 days in advance for two or more persons, and as the menu is quite special and food, original wines, mineral water and coffee are included, the price is also extraordinary, from SEK 1885 per person. The price is only for the menu of the current year, for other years you should ask when booking. All Nobel Menus from the years 1901 to the previous year are prepared for parties of 10 or more guests and must be booked 10 days in advance.

The restaurant is quite impressive (and pricey), even if you do not eat the Nobel Menu. The cellar has a high vaulted ceiling and the walls are painted by artists, the restaurant has still the 1920s furnishings and fittings. the Dining Room painted by Yngwe Berg (*1887-✝1963) with motifs borrowed from Bellman and Fredman’s Epistles. The chairs are designed by Jonas Bohlin, inspired by the original chair which was designed for Stockholm City Hall in 1932. carpets and rugs were designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg for Kasthall. Skänken room has a ceiling painting by Einar Forseth from 1922 and a round table which seats 14.