Izviri v Retovje

Retovje Valley Springs

Useful Information

Location: Near Vrhnika.
A1 exit Vrhnika, left on 409 and again on 642 to Borovnica. After 1 km turn right to Verd. At the other end of the town.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstKarst spring
Light: n/a
Guided tours:
Photography: allowed
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The river Ljubljanica, which flows through Slovenian Capital Ljubljana, is the river with seven names. A complex system of caves and poljes is the source of this river. It is called Ljubljanica when the water finally reaches the Ljubljana Marsh (Ljubljansko barje). Here is a huge number of springs, where the limestone ridge ends and the impermeable flysch plain begins. The four most important springs of Ljubljanica are Retovje, Močilnik, Bistra, and Lintvern.

The Retovje Valley is a short, narrow an steep valley which cuts into the limestone. The basic idea is, that this valley was created by the springs. The water emerges from the cave and the cave entrance is - because of the water and frost during winter - strongly weathered. The valley actually cuts into the valley following the cave.

This is the main spring of the Lubljanica and rather well developed. There is a trail on both sides of the river, some bridges, explanatory signs, and even a rock for climbers. There are two main springs, Velika Ljubljanica (Big Ljubljanica) and Mala Ljubljanica (Little Ljubljanica). There are also many smaller springs, most of them are dray most of the year. They are reactivated during snow melt and after heavy rains, when the ground water rises. Their names are Pod skalco, Pod orehom, Malo okence and Veliko okence. All springs together produce a lot of water and this water was used to power 10 sawmills during the 19th century.