Radgonske Gorice

Radgona Hills

Useful Information

Location: Gornja Radgona
Open: JAN to MAR Mon-Sat 9-17.
APR to DEC Mon-Sat 9-19, Sun 11-17.
Cellar tours 12-15:30 every 30 minutes.
Fee: Adults EUR 8.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 7.50, only with appointment.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=25 min. Slovensko - Slovenian English Deutsch - German
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: Radgonske Gorice D.O.O., Jurkovičeva ulica 5, SI-9250 Gornja Radgona, Tel: +386-2-564-8510, Fax: +386-2-561-1039. E-mail:
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1852 winery founded, begin of the production of sparkling wine.
1950s production of Traminer.
1959 introduction of Silver Radgona.
1974 First Janževec produced.
2012 renovation of the estate.


The town Gornja Radgona is located at the river Mura, with hills full of wineyards and the most famous sparkling wines of Slowenia. The sparkling wine is produced in historic cellars behind the winery, which were dug horizontally into the hillside. The cellar is full of bottles in the typical wooden racks, were the sparkling wine is produced in the same way as it was invented in the Champagne, hundreds of years ago. Of course, while it is legal to use this method, to name it after the Champagne is copyright infringement. Golden Radgona sparkling wine is aged on yeast for at least 24 months in the bottle, and special vintages are matured on yeast for up to 10 years. The Silver Radgona sparkling wine is produced since 1959 with the charmat method.

The winery offers Ogledi kleti (Basement tours) into the 200 years old cellars. They are quite unusual and special for the Prekmurje, as only here the hills were to build them. The horizontal access makes them quite useful even for modern technology. The tour includes the cellars Pod skalo, Pod rimskim kolesom and Pod slapom. And -quite important - it includes a glass of Golden Radgona sparkling wine in the cellar Pod slapom and a glass of still wine of your choice from the wine shop. The most funny thing is the enomat, an automatic wine teller which serves a tasting for 50 Cent.

The cellar Pod slapom is special for the sound of the waterfall gently creeping from the rock of the castle hill, which creates a magical atmosphere. It is equipped as a wedding chapel, and underground weddings are quite popular. Especially as the winery offers the catering, the sparkling wines and also great wines for the dinner.