Banský Skanzen v Hnilčíku

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Location: Hnilčík, 15 km from Spišská Nová Ves. (48.85627, 20.57175)
Open: All year Tue-Sat 13-17, Sun 9-16.
Fee: donations welcome.
Classification: SubterraneaMining Museum
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Address: Banský Skanzen v Hnilčíku, Hnilčík no. 38, Hnilčík, Tel: +421-903-243-349, Tel: +421-53-449-4103. E-mail:
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2012 museum planned and created by the občianskemu združeniu Hnilčík pre prítomnosť, pre budúcnosť podarilo presadiť.



The Banský Skanzen (Mining open-air museum) in the small village of Hnilčík is located in the building of the former school and its surroundings. One part is the štôlne Ľudmila (Ľudmila tunnel) which was built to store explosives. It is completed by four educational mountain trails. The museum was created by občianskemu združeniu Hnilčík pre prítomnosť, pre budúcnosť podarilo presadiť (civic association Hnilčík, for the present and the future). The items are donated or borrowed from the inhabitants of Hnilčík.

The exhibition displays the history of the village Hnilčík, ethnography and heritage, geology, nature, and the history of mining and processing of local ores. The building itself is also quite interesting, it is a one storey wooden building as they were built as living quarters for the miners in Roztoky. It is protected as a national cultural monument.

There were originally numerous mines in the area which mined a vein of iron ore in the diabase massif of the Borovniak hill. At the end of the 19th century the Oberschlesische Eisenbahn Bedarfs-Actien-Gesellschaft (Upper Silesian Participating Society for Railway Needs) from Friedenshülte purchased all the mines. They operated the Erbstollen Ernst (Ernest adit) in the Wide Vein and the Erbstollen Katarína (Katarína adit) in the gigantic Rough Roztoky Vein. The štôlne Ľudmila was built close to these mining tunnels, with an underground storage chambers with bent entrance corridors which are security measures for the case of an accident. The tunnel allowed central storage and dispensing of explosives. It was in use until the end of ore mining in the 1930s

There are four educational trails, route A Roztoky, route B Bindt, route C Grétla and route D through the valley of Železný potok.