Demänovská L'adova Jaskyna

Dracia L'adova Jaskyna - Demanovska Ice Cave - Dragons Ice Cave

Useful Information

Location: D1 (E50) exit Lipt. Mikuláš, follow rd. 584 south 9km.
In the National Nature Reserve Demanovska Valley. Nizke Tatry, Dumbierske Tatry, Demanovske vrchy, cadastral area Demanovska Dolina, district Liptovsky Mikulas, Zilinsky region
Open: 15-MAY to 31-MAY Tue-Sun 9 11 1230 14
JUN to AUG Tue-Sun 9 1030 1230 14 15 16
SEP Tue-Sun 9 11 1230 14
Fee: Adults 80,- SKK, Students 60,- SKK, Children (4-15) 40,- SKK, Foto 100,- SKK, Video 200,- SKK. Foreign language tour (additional): Adults 50,- SKK, Students 40,- SKK, Children (4-15) 20,- SKK.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave, Explainice cave, Middle Triassic limestones.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=8,355m, A=815m asl, Developed paths: L=850m.
Guided tours: L=650m, D=45min.
Address: Demänovská Ladova Jaskyna, 031 01 Liptovsky Mikulas, Tel: +421-849-5548170
Správa Slovenských Jaskýn, Hodžova 11, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, +421-849-5536411, Fax: +421-849-5536311. E-mail: contact.
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1299 first mention of caves in the Demänovská valley in the Esztergom Chapter bill.
1714-1724 surveyed by G. Buchholtz Jr.
~1885 open to the public for some years.
1952 reopened for the public.


Demanovska Ice Cave is a karst cave with five levels, formed by the former Demanovska river. In the cave, bones of the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) were found. In the 18th century the people thought this were dragons bones and called the cave Dracia L'adova Jaskyna (Dragons Ice Cave). The lowest level of the cave system contains ice.

The whole cave system is more than 8km long and has five levels. Several parts of the system are open to the public, under different names. Originally the different natural cave entrances were named as independent caves, but explorations during the 20th century connected them to a big cave system.