Tham Luang Pha Wiang

Luang Pha Wiang Cave - Luang Phawieng Cave

Useful Information

Location: South of the village Ban Hong.
Follow Rd 106 south from Lamphun, through Ban Hong, at the quarry turn left, cross the river. 45 minutes from Lamphun.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Tham Luang Pha Wiang.
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Tham Luang Pha Wiang is said to have been known for some 400 years. The cave has always been a stop for Thai monks, who stay for one or two days of meditation. It was - according to local legends - used by robbers of the area to stash their booty. Even the Lanna royalty is said to have stored their gems here during dangerous times.

This spacious cave shows a huge amount of speleothems. The tour includes nine chambers with numerous formations.

There is food and beverages sold at the parking lot. It is advisable to take some water with you, if you have none buy here, as there is about 15 minutes of uphill walk to the cave entrance, and the weather is generally hot and humid. The cave is developed with paths, handrails and electric light. There are signs in Thai, but not in English. At the moment a booklet in Thai is sold, but again not in English.