Tham Pha Thong

Useful Information

Location: Amphoe Khao Kho. From Hwy 11 turn east onto Hwy 113 at Ban Khao Sai, after 19 turn north at BanTha Kam. More than 10 km, partly on dirt road.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=663 m, VR=40 m, A=166 m asl.
Guided tours:
Address: Tham Pha Thong.
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The entrance chamber of Tham Pha Thong contains a large Buddha, some other statues and a brick built water reservoir. This chamber is entered from the Wat by a flight of steps which lead to the portal in the cliff face. There are numerous side passages which might be explored. At the entrance a series of small passages leads down to the right but joins with the main chamber again after a few twists. The main passage leaves the main chamber at the far end to the left. It has several steep steps and two metal ladders, 18 m and 7 m long, were installed for the safety of the visitors. There is a rather tricky climb to manage until a higher level of the cave with maze-like passages is reached. Finally there is a second entrance.

The cave is located inside a relatively small karst tower, which it crosses completely. It is integrated into the temple, and guides may be available at the wat. However, it is not a show cave in the common sense, although there are trails and partly electric light. But it is rather spacious and well worth a visit.

The biggest problem might be to find the cave, even the wat is not signposted very well. Drive east on H113 in Chon Daen towards Phetchabun. At the blue sign to Tham Pha Thong pointing north turn off. Unfortunately there are no more blue signs, and this one is not visible from the other side. At the first village turn left at the Y junction, after 1 km, just outside the village, at a painted wooden sign to the village of Ban Pha Thong in Thai turn off on the dirt track across the rice paddies. In the village there is a concrete road on the right to the wat.