Tham Ruesi Sombat

Tham Sombat - Tham Phra

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Location: Khao Tham Phra, Ban Huai Lon. Ban Tham Sombat, Bung Namtao Sub-district, 36 kilometers from Phetchabun. From Phetchabun Highway No. 21, turn off at Km. 251-252, 6.5 km to the cave.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave SubterraneaSecret Bunker
Dimension: L=75 m, VR=5 m, A=243 m.
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Address: Tham Ruesi Sombat, Tel: +66-, Fax: +66-,
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Tham Ruesi Sombat is a natural cave, which was transformed into the treasury of Thailand during World War II. At this time Field Marshall Plaek Pibulsongkram was Prime Minister. The Ministry of Treasury, which was used as a place to collect the treasures of the country, was located at the cave. Later the cave was abandoned and the constructions inside removed.

Today the cave may be visited, but the treasures are not here any more. A wall has been built across the entrance with a door that is usually unlocked. In the small entrance chamber is a Buddha and statues of hermits, as obligatory.