Kanlı Divane Obruğu

Useful Information

Location: Kanlidivane, Erdemli.
D400 coastal road, exit at rounabout Erdemli, turn right follow sings. Between Silifke und Erdemli, 8 km east of Kızkalesi.
(36.525311, 34.179620)
Open: All year daily 9-19, last entry 18:30.
Fee: Adults TRL 15.
Classification: KarstDoline
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=144 m, W=90 m, VR=50 m, A=230 m asl.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: Semavi Eyice (1977): Kanlidivane preliminary study.
Address: Kanlı Divane Ören Yeri, Kumkuyu, Kanlı Divane Cd., 33750 Ayaş Bld./Erdemli/Mersin, Tel: +90-553-870-00-99, Tel: +90-3242-319618. E-mail:
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3rd century BC Canytelis founded.
2006 surveyed by Hatice Pamir von der Mustafa-Kemal-Universität in Antakya.


Kanlıdivane is an ancient city which was built around a huge sinkhole of the same name. The Kanlı Divane Obruğu collapse doline is almost elliptical, 144 m long and 90 m wide, and about 70 m deep. The walls are vertical and show several small caves.

The ancient ruins were excavated and surveyed by Victor Langlois and Semavi Eyice. It seems there was a city since the Olba Kingdom in Pre Roman times named Canytelis or Kanytelis. Nearby is a mausoleum, which was built by the Queen Aba for her husband and sons. During the first century Olba kingdom became a vassal of the Roman Empire. According to legend criminals were executed by throwing them into the sinkhole. Another version they were thrown in drenched in blood to be torn to pieces by lions in the pit. During the reign of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II the city became a Christian religious center and renamed it Neapolis. Numerous new buildings were erected, basilicas, cisterns, and rock cut graves.

The site is a popular tourist destination. During summer, it is used for one or two spectacular outdoor concerts. The audience sits on one side of the sinkhole, the performers on the other side.