Çalköy Mağarası

Çal Mağarası - Düzköy Çalköy Mağarası

Useful Information

Location: Çal Yolu, Çayırbağı Mevkii, 61390 Düzköy.
Çalköy village, near Trabzon, Düzköy district. Çalköy Mahallesi, Düzköy / Trabzon.
(40.8650174, 39.3793311)
Open: All year daily 11-18.
Fee: Adults TRL 8, Children TRL 4.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave SpeleologyRiver cave,
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: A=1,050 m asl.
Guided tours: self guided, L=400 m.
Address: Coşandere District, Maçka Yolu No: 36, 61390 Düzköy/Trabzon, Tel: +90-462-280-17-00.
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2000 cave examinated by the provicial administration and development started.
2003 opened to the public by a private company.
2009 bad state of the show cave publicly discussed.


Çalköy Mağarası or Çal Mağarası is named after the village Çalköy, where it is located. It is a rather huge cave with a cave river. The water level of the river depends on the weather and changes quite substantially during the year. In the rainy season in winter it is 50 cm deep, in summer only 25 cm. The entrance is quite spectacular, a vertical limestone cliff with the resurgence at its foot. The river is channelled and dammed, only a few metres before the cave entrance, which keeps the level of the water stable, at least in the entrance area of the cave. The entrance section is low for about 150 m and visitors have to stoop. Then the cave widens and speleothems are found. And it has the typical legends of a Turkish show cave to tell, which are so obvious lies, normal people could never tell them: