Tınaztepe Mağarları

Tinaztepe Caves - TinazTepe Mağarları

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Location: At the road between Manavgat and Konya.
(37.247796, 31.930486)
Fee: Adults EUR 5, Children free. [2004]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave ExplainSpeleotherapy
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=1,580 m, VR=30 m.
Guided tours:  
Address: Tınaztepe Mağarası, Seydisehir, Tel: +90-332-589-0004, Fax: +90-332-589-2208. E-mail: contact
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1968 discovered and explored by the French scientist Dr. Michel Bakalowichz.
1970 Tinatztepe cave area explored by the French scientist Dr. Michel Bakalowichz.
2001 managed by the Village Foundation Union.
2003 developed.
2004 opened to the public.


Tınaztepe Cave was discovered in 1968 by the French scientist Dr. Michel Bakalowichz. He published the results of his exploration in the Bilgi Journal. This article included the survey and a description of the cave. He also suggested the use of the cave for speleotherapy of asthma.

The area around Tinatztepe Cave was then explored in 1970 by a famous team, consisting of Captain Jacques Cousteau and his men, and the German explorer Reinhold Messner. They were interested in Sugla Gölü (Lake Sugla) and its underground water resources. They discovered the Fasi Strait, an underground connection which is about 22 km long. Tinatztepe Cave is a small part of this hydrological connection.

Tinatztepe Cave was named after nearby Mount Tinaz, located north of the Giden Gelmez Mountains. It is only a few hundred meters from the new and very good road between the coast at Manavgat and Seydisehir and Konyan. Nearby is a huge station with restaurant and gas station.

The cave was developed by Hasan Ç Elmeli. The cave was managed by the Ministry of Forestry, but he managed that the cave was transferred to the Village Foundation Union by the in 2001. They transferred the management to the Ç Elmeli Tourism Limited Co. He developed the cave in less than a year constructing trails and electric light.