Kırmızı Su

Useful Information

Location: North of the city center in the town Karahayıt, 5 km north of Pamukkale. The springs are located in a small park.
(37.967643454232615, 29.102507479326256)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: Thermal springs with large KarstSinter Terraces.
Light: n/a
Dimension: T=58 °C
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: Kırmızı Su.
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Kırmızı Su (Red Springs) are thermal springs with rimstone pools similar to Pamukkale, which are located 6 km north of Pamukkale in the toen Karahayıt. The water contains oxidized iron, which also known as ochre, and colours the travertine reddish. This location is much less populated than Pammukale but actually the pools are less spectacular. nevertheless a good alternative, especially if Pamukkale is crowded.

The Karahayıt Thermal Springs are quite popular for the treatment of various diseases. The water springs with a temperature of 58 °C and when it cools it produces hot mud. Since Roman times the water and the mud are used for healing. In the form of bathing application it helps against rheumatic diseases, sciatica, lumbar-neck hernia, calcification, circulatory system diseases, diseases requiring neurological rehabilitation, stiffness and stiffness after surgery, gynecological diseases, all stress-related diseases, insomnia and fatigue. It works as an auxiliary element in the regeneration of cells in hair, nails and skin, skin diseases, elimination of muscle spasms, gout disease, arthrosis and colitis diseases. If applied by drinking, it is a complementary treatment element in functional disorders of the upper gastrointestinal system, stomach and esophagus disorders, osteoporosis and calcium need. And finally the mud bath in the mud pool softens the skin, opens pores, regenerates cellulite, acne and pimples with its antiseptic effect, and removes warts. In other words its a real snake oil.

Nevertheless the high limestone content and iron content actually help with related diseases. The temperature definitely helps with stress related problems and causes relaxation. In modern times its not that important any more, as anybody has the possibility to take a hot bath at home, but in antiquity it was a great place.

The colourful pools are quite impressive, and well worth a visit. Most are actually red, but some are beige, yellow, and there are even grey and blueish pools, always depending on the minerals. The hot water spring is also impressive, a bit like Yellowstone, just without the geysers. there are numerous cafes and restaurants around, and shops and pharmacies selling mud from the springs.