Gamirasu Otel

Gamirasu Cave Hotel

Useful Information

Location: Ayvali, 10 km south of Ürgüp, Cappadocia.
Open: All year.
Fee: Standard rooms about USD 100.
Cave Suite for two per night USD 200.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: 18 rooms
Guided tours: n/a
Address: Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Suleyman Cakir Istiklal caddesi No: 19/9, 50400 Ürgüp, Turkey, Tel: +90-384-341-7485 und +90-384-354-5815, Fax: +90-384-341-7487 E-mail: contact
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1999 hotel opened.


Located in the small village Ayvali, 10 km south of Ürgüp in the southern part of Cappadocia is a new cave hotel. It is so far the only cave hotel in the village. This is the chance to live some time underground for a relatively low price.

A one thousand years old Byzantine monastery and seven old houses were renovated to form a hotel complex. 18 underground rooms are used as hotel rooms. The rooms were monk cells or storage rooms, the volcanic tufa is a good insulator and provides an almost constant temperature between 17 and 20 °C. Some rooms have a flat ceiling, others have a vaulted ceiling, some have a window, others do not. The Deluxe Rooms are of larger size and have a sitting corner called sedir, decorated with kilims and carpets of Cappadocia. While all rooms have shower and toilet, telephone, hair dryer and central heating, the suites have jacuzzi, CD player, and a kettle for Turkish coffee or tea. The Cave Suite is the largest room of the hotel, the Deluxe Suite is the best equipped with a fireplace and a balcony.

As this is a operating hotel, not a museum, we recomend a stay at the hotel. If you do not have enough time or money, it might be advisable to ask for a room to get the possibility to take a look. Another possibility is a visit of the restaurant with typical specialties of Cappadocia.