Selçuklu Evi

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Location: Ürgüp, Yunak Mah. From the center (Ataturk Bulvari) follow Nevsehir Cadesi around teminni Hill, then turn right into Yunak Mah.
Open: All year daily. [2007]
Fee: Single room: EUR 65.
Double room: EUR 85.
Triple room: EUR 110.
Family suite: EUR 135.
Sultan Suite: EUR 150.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Bibliography: Pat Yale, Jean-Bernard Carillet, Virginia Maxwell, Miriam Raphael (2005): Turkey, Lonely Planet Publications; 9 edition (April 30, 2005), 692 pp, ISBN-10: 1740596838, ISBN-13: 978-1740596831.
Address: Selçuklu Evi, Yunak Mah. P.K. 55, 50400 Ürgüp, Cappadocia, Tel: +90-384-34174-60, Fax: +90-384-34174-63. E-mail: contact
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2005 first price by the tourism office of Nevsehir.


Selçuklu Evi (Seljuk house) is a hotel created by the aggregation of five houses from Seljuk times (11th to 14th century). The houses were restored during three years by local craftsmen and artisans, using local stones which were cut by hand. The result is a luxurious hotel with 20 rooms and suites, settled around an enclosed garden. The hotel is renowned for its local cuisine and big assortment of Turkish wines.

One of the rooms of the hotel is carved into the rock, the so-called Cave Dwelling Room. Suitable for two persons it has a rather strange mezzanine, a private terrace, and a bath. The Honeymoon Suite has a lounge which is cut out of the rocks, and many other rooms are at least partly underground.

Selçuklu Evi belongs to the Boutique hotel category, which means it is decorated with local artisans work, curtains, top of beds, carpets, kilims, mirrors, cupboards, wooden floors, and ceilings. It was awarded the first price in this category in 2005 by the tourism office of Nevsehir.