Sivasa Gökçetoprak Yeraltı Şehri

Sivasa Yeraltı Şehri

Useful Information

Location: Near Gökçetoprak Village, 35 km from Gülşehir.
(38.657904, 34.299582)
Open: OCT to 14-APR Tue-Sun 8-17.
15-APR to SEP Tue-Sun 9-19.
Classification: SubterraneaUnderground City
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Sivasa Gökçetoprak Yeraltı Şehri, .
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1989 discovered by French researchers.
1991 explored by Roberto Bixio and Stefano Saj, Commissione Nazionale.


Sivasa Gökçetoprak Yeraltı Şehri (Sivasa Gökçetoprak Underground City) is located near the city Gökçetoprak. This city has a different geologic situation than the other underground cities in Cappadocia. At the bottom are mudstones with reddish brown color, covered by a 3-4 m thick layer of coarse-grained tuff or agglomerate, and a hard layer of andesite on top. The underground city was dug into the mudstone and agglomerate layers. The city is restricted by the thickness of those layers and has only two levels.

The structure of the passages is also unique. Large and irregular rectangular spaces are connected to each other by narrow and long corridors. The second level is 15 m below ground and has a water well which reaches a depth of 25 m below ground.

The town Gökçetoprak is actually known for an abundance of engravings in the surrounding rock faces. Around 800 BC, the first peoples living in Cappadokia were Hatti, Luwians and Hittites. Late Hittite time hieroglyphic Luwian rock inscriptions are carved on the flattened surfaces of rocks. The most impressive rock is located 1.2 km southwest of town near the road to Çatin (38.649222, 34.289778). The rock is about 4 m long, 5.60 m wide and 3.10 m high. There are numerous other engravings and sculptures, for example an Altar of Zeus.