Tatlarin Yeraltı Şehri

Useful Information

Location: Tatların Köyü İç Yolu, 50230 Tatların/Acıgöl/Nevşehir.
At Tatlarin, 10 km north of Acigol.
(38.634459, 34.481276)
Open: OCT to 14-APR Tue-Sun 8-17, last entry 16:15.
15-APR to SEP Tue-Sun 9-19, last entry 18:15.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House SubterraneaUnderground City ArchaeologyPainted Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Tatlarin Yeralti Sehri, Tatların Köyü İç Yolu, 50230 Tatların/Acıgöl/Nevşehir, Tel: +90-384-324-65-24.
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1975 underground city rediscovered.
1991 opened to the public.


Underground City, Cappadocia, Turkey. Public Domain.
Underground City, Cappadocia, Turkey. Public Domain.

The underground city at Tatlarin is located on a nearby hill called The Castle by the locals. Two different levels of the city can be visited. There are several churches, and extremely rare is the presence of toilets. There is only one other place in Cappadocia with this kind of toilets, that's Guzelyurt. Remarkable is the size of the chambers and the high number of food depots. There are theories that this was no typical village, but a garrison or a monastic complex.

Nearby, on the slope of the hill is the Tatlarin Underground Church. Although part of the two-nave church has collapsed, there are many murals to see. Painted on a dark grey background are figures in purple, red and mustard. The scenes of episodes from the bible are separated from each other by dividers. They show Mother Mary with Jesus, Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Anastasis, Entry into Jerusalem, the Crucifixion, and the Transfiguration. There are also portraits of nine Saints. Secular pictures show Constantine the Great, Helena, and the donors of the church.