Печера Млинки

Mlynky Cave

Useful Information

Location: Vulytsya Mlynky, Zalissya, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine 48561.
Near Zalissia.
(48.954611, 25.875968)
Open: After appointment.
Fee: 1 day tour USD 23, 2 day tour USD 47.
Classification: SpeleologyGypsum Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=51,108 m, VR=30 m [2018].
Guided tours: Cave Trekking tours of all difficulties.
V=25,000/a [2000]
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: only for physically fit
Address: Mlynky Cave, Vulytsya Mlynky, Zalissya, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine 48561, Tel: +380-443833954, Tel: +380-962124071, Tel: +380-937485901. E-mail: contact
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1960-1963 six expeditions by Ternopil cavers led by V. O. Radziyevskii and Y. L. Zimels.
1994 exploration by speleoclub "Crystal" from Chortkiv.
MAR-1996 exploration by Ternopil cavers led by Sergei Yepifanov.
AUG-2009 total length of 40 km explored.


Печера Млинки (Mlynky Cave, Mill Cave) is named after a nearby water mill. Several watermills were built along the small river Mlynochky (small mills) and the place was called Mlynky. Later it became a village and was renamed Zalissia. The gypsum was used for various household purposes and was mined at the entrance of the cave. It is actually unclear if the cave was discovered during the quarry works or if it was known before, there is no document and no legend about the discovery, the cave was always known.

The first exploration of the cave was done by Ternopil cavers led by V. O. Radziyevskii and Y. L. Zimels. Between 1960 and 1963 they made six excursions to explore and map the cave. The total length of the cave at the end was almost 10 km. They even organized the first cave trekking tours, when they guided employees of the "Electroarmature" factory in the cave.

After a long gap the exploration was continued in 1994 cavers of the speleoclub "Crystal" from Chortkiv. They discovered new parts of the cave, which are unfortunately very hard to reach, the entrance section is very narrow. As a result there is only a very poor survey of this part which estimates about 2 km of passages.

Today the cave is explored and maintained by Ternopil cavers. In 1996 a group led by Sergei Yepifanov discovered a new maze of passages. In 2009 the length of the cave was given with about 40 km. The research is still ongoing.