Bloomington Cave

Useful Information

Location: 24 km west of St. George, Washington County
Open: Cave gated, permits for 30 people daily at the Bureau of Land Management kiosk.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=2,000 m.
Guided tours: V=800 to 1,200/a [2008]
Address: Dawna Ferris-Rowley, Assistant Manager, BLM Utah St. George Field Office, Tel: +1-688-3216. E-mail: contact
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2005 extensive graffiti cleanup project.


Bloomington Cave is a popular recreational destination, although it is actually a wild cave. Some 2,000 m of complex passages require appropriate equipment and caving skills. Nevertheless it is very well frequented and as a result it is heavily affected by vandalism, graffiti, campfires and littering. An extensive graffiti cleanup project in 2005 restored the cave partly, but restauration works are still going on. The St. George Field Office-BLM is now [2009] implementing a management plan for Bloomington Cave. The basic idea is to manage recreational use through a no-fee permit system.

Visitors have to check in at a new permanent kiosk at the cave entrance. The two entrances of the cave are closed by gates and only 30 people daily are allowed into the cave. So the management will make sure, that visitors will receive information about cave safety, appropriate cave etiquette and cave resources before they are allowed to enter the cave. It will also limits group sizes and enforce the use of appropriate cave safety equipment. This plan is supported by local grottos (caving clubs) and will hoppefullly protect both, the cae and the visitors.

Bloomington Cave is a habitat for several bat species, reptiles, insects and other unique and troglobionts. It also shows unusual geologic features and is southern Utah's largest cave.