Hubbard's Cave

Useful Information

Location: Glenwood Canyon, near Glenwood Springs.
Open: no restrictions. [2007]
Fee: free. [2007]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: none, bring full equipment
Dimension: L=1.930 m.
Guided tours:
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1893 discovered by William Henry Hubbard, his brother Charles Hubbard and Griffith Jones.
AUG-2004 mid 50s couple got lost in cave and was rescued.


Hubbards Cave is a well known and popular "wild" cave, famous for its easyness and the beautiful view across Glenwood Canyon. Nevertheless, poor equipment is always a deadly thing in caves. This was what Sherry DeCrow and John Hadar from Glenwood Springs learned when they visited the cave in August 2003. Their old torches went out after they were 120 m deep inside the cave. So they were not able to leave the cave on their own any more, and they learned the basic rules of cave visits the hard way: always tell somebody where you go and when you plan to be back, and take enough light with you.

It was not their fault, that a well meaning police officer interpreted this as a possible murder by one of the former Ehepartner of the couple. So the police forbid any search for the vermisste and waited for the arrival of the CSI.

Hubbards Cave was discovered by William Henry Hubbard, his brother Charles Hubbard and Griffith Jones. It was named after the discoverers.

The cave is located high up above Glenwood Canyon. The view from the cave is breathtaking. There are two ways to reach the cave entrance, from the outskirts of Glenwood Springs on the Hubbard's Cave Trail, and on Hubbard Cave Road #115. The trail requires a long ascent, the road requires a 4WD, at leath for the last few kilometers. From the end of the road it is only 15 minutes walk to the cave entrance. The cave itself is rached by an artificial entrance, a corrugated iron tube with a ladder which goes down into the cave. The cave is signposted and there is a map at the entrance. We urgently recommend to print one of the maps available online at them with you. And, althugh the cave is considered easy, be aware of the great height, never go alone, take the appropriate equipment with you, which means full caving gear, and tell someone where you are and when you will be back.