Kanarra Creek Gorge

Kanarra Creek Slot Canyon - Kanarra Falls

Useful Information

Kanarra Falls. Public Domain.
Location: Dixie National Forest. Near Kanarraville.
Open: All year daily dawn to dusk.
DEC to FEB restrictions due to ice and snow.
Fee: Adults USD 12.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Guided tours: L=7 km, D=4 h.
V=45,000/a [2017]
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Town of Kanarraville, 40 S. Main St., HC 65 Box 148, Kanarraville, UT 84742
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Kanarra Falls. Public Domain.

Kanarra Creek Gorge is a slot canyon, which is cut into the red sandstones of the Kanarra Mountain. This gorge is not as well-known as Antelope Canyon, but nevertheless very popular. In 2017 it was visited by 45,000 people. It is except for a single ladder (which is quite famous) not developed in any way, but unfortunately this means that too many visitor may damage the To reduce the number of visitors the town of Kanarraville introduced a permit system in 2018. At first there was no limit on the number of permits sold each day, but it did not work as intended and so the number of visitors is now limited to 150 per day. Tickets can be purchased online and are often sold out for weeks.

The kiosk selling the permits is located at the city limits of Kanarraville near the parking lot. You have to go there even if you purchased a permit online. From here its an easy walk uphill on an old road for about 1.4 km. At the spring of the town the road ends and a normal walking trail follows the narrower canyon. Unfortunatel many pieces of the trail are destroyed by floods or overgrown, so you will walk most of the time in the knee deep water of the creek. After anothe 1.4 km you reach the first waterfall with the famous ladder. The ladder was once a tree with some wooden steps naild on top, but it has been replaced by metal ladder. After 500 m you will reach the second waterfall. This part of the groge requires a lot of wading and swimming. Here was also a log ladder, but it was destroyed in 2019, so this is the end of the tour.