Kennedy Mine

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Location: Jackson, California
Open: MAR to OCT Sat, Sun, Hol .
Fee: Adults USD 9, Children (6-12) USD 5, Children (0-5) free.
Classification: MineGold Mine
Light: n/a.
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Address: Historic Kennedy Gold Mine Surface Tours, Tel: +1-209-223-9542.
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1850s gold discovered.
1860 Kennedy Mining Company formed.
1878 mine closed.
1886 Kennedy Mining and Milling Company founded, mine reopened.
1898 new east shaft sunk.
1914 Kennedy Tailing Wheels built.
1942 mine closed.
1961 purchased by Sybil Arata.
07-JUL-1981 added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.



Kennedy Mine is one of the deepest mines of the World. Andrew Kennedy was an Irish immigrant, who reportedly discovered a quartz outcropping in the late 1850s. The Kennedy Mining Company was formed by him and three in 1860 to start gold mining. The first shafts were dug close to today's mine property entrance. However, it seem there was no overwhelming success, so after working sporadically the mine closed in 1878.

The second attempt was successful, the Kennedy Mining and Milling Company was founded in 1886 by fifteen people who invested about USD 100,000. During the mining operations they sank a new shaft called east shaft in 1898, which reached a vertical depth of 1,792 m. The mine was operated successfully until the U.S. Government closed gold mines because of the war effort in 1942. The investors refused from reopeneing the mine three years later, as the mine was now filled with water. When the mine was closed the pumps were shut off, the ground water accumulating in the tunnels not only would cause great costs to be pumped out out but also may have damaged the mine itself.

The mine was finally purchased by Sybil Arata, a ceramics teacher, in 1961. She bought it on a liquidation sale for USD 41.000 and liven in a house on the ground for many years. When she died in 1994 her last will contained two wishes: the property should remain open as a wildlife habitat and the buildings should be maintained because of their historical value. The Kennedy Mine Foundation was founded in 1996 to fulfill those wishes.

The Kennedy mine is a surface tour. There are self guided tours for individuals, and guided tours for groups and school classes after appointments. The site is operated by the non-profit Kennedy Mine Foundation.