Rosemont Copper Mine

Useful Information

Location: Pima County. 50km southeast Tucson, Arizona.
Open: All year Wed, Sat 9-12.
Fee: free, children under 12 not allowed.
Classification: ExplainCopper Mine copper/molybdenum (Cu/Mo/Ag) skarn
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: Rosemont Copper Company, P.O. Box 35130, Tucson, AZ 85740-5130, Tel: +1-520-343-1730.
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2007 mining plan filed.


The deposits are copper/molybdenum skarn deposits, which contain 0.45% Cu, 0.015% Mo and 0.12 oz/t Ag. The ores are sulfide ores, which means they contain sulfur.


The Rosemont Copper Mine is located 50km southeast of Tucson in Pima County. There is no working mine at the moment, but the property contains three open-pit mineable copper deposits: Rosemont, Peach Elgin and Broadtop Butte. The company is in the process of gathering all the required permits, but even in this early stage they started free public tours. This is a fine chnace for the locals to get an insight into the plans of the mining company, wher the mine will be, how bg, where the processing plant will be, how the reclamation will be carried out and so forth. We think thats a fine way do do public relations.