Trinidad Mining Museum

Southern Colorado Coal Miners Museum

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Location: Trinidad, Colorado
Classification: SubterraneaMining Museum MineCoal mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Trinidad Mining Museum, 219 W. Main Street, Trinidad, Colorado. Mike or Yolanda Romero, Tel: +1-719-846-8234.
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At the Trinidad Mining Museum in Trinidad, Colorado, old-timers Tom Hay, Alex Gerardo, Gerald Renner, and Bob Butero. Carol M. Highsmith’s America. Public Domain.

The Trinidad Mining Museum or Southern Colorado Coal Miners Museum is located at Historic Downtown Trinidad, Colorado. Right in front, at Miners Park is a sculpture of coal miners at work, which reminds visitors about the coal mining history of this area. Nearby is the small museum, which is dedicated to the mining at Trinidad. This is not nearby Walsenburg Mining Museum nor is it the Trinidad Historic Museum. Unfortunately it seems to be so young or so small, it has no website at all. It is only mentioned on a few itineraries or in news articles. However, Carol M. Highsmith found it and took this extraordinary picture.