Wallace District Mining Museum

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Location: Located in the center of Wallace, Idaho.
Open: All year Fri-Mon 9-15.
Fee: Adults USD 3, Children USD 2, Family USD 7.
Classification: SubterraneaMuseum
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Wallace District Mining Museum, 509 Banks St., Wallace, ID, 83873, Tel: +1-208-556-1592. E-mail:
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1956 museum opened.


The Wallace District Mining Museum is named after the town Wallace in Idaho where it is located, but it is dedicated to the Coeur d'Alene Mining District. It is a repository of the local mining efforts through documents, photographs, and numerous mining relics which are on display. It is also a sort of Visitor Center for the local mining related tourist sites.

The Jack Waite Mine was operated from 1909 to 1969. Located at the border to Montana, one of the mined veins was located in Idaho while the second was located in Montana. The town Duthie, named after J. F. Duthie who owned the mine from 1930, was the home of the mine personnel and vanished after the mine was closed. In 1978 the remediation of the mine was started. Other important mines in the mining district are Standard Mammoth Mine and Snowstorm Mine. An interesting building is the Tiger Hotel in Burke. The train into the mine actually crossed through the building.

Other interesting topics explained in the museum are the Mining Wars, the Great Fires of 1910, the sex trade, and Dante’s Peak movie. And there is the large three dimensional model of the Sunshine Mine, the largest silver producing mine in the world. A part of the exhibition is equipped with timber sets, so it resembles a real mine. With all the original mining tools and equipment it is hard to remember that you are actually not underground.