Black Chasm

Useful Information

Location: From Sacramento Hwy 16 east to Hwy 49 south to Jackson. Hwyy 88 east into Pine Grove, turn left on Pine Grove-Volcano Road, after 5 km right turn onto Volcano-Pioneer Road, then turn right into driveway.
Open: JAN to APR daily 10-16. MAY to OCT daily 9-17. NOV to DEC daily 10-16. [2004]
Fee: Landmark Family Tour: Adults $10, Children $5.
Discovery Trip: Adults $125.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: Landmark Family Tour: D=50 min.
Address: Black Chasm, 15701 Pioneer-Volcano Road, Volcano, CA. E-mail: contact
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1976 established as a National Natural Landmark.


The Black Chasm is famous for extremely big calcite crystalls called Speleothemdogtooth spars. It also has Speleothemhelictites. and other rare speleothems, which make the cave visit very impressive. This is the youngest of several show caves in area.

The tour descends about 20 m on steep concrete stairs to the Main Hall. This huge chamber is full of speleothems like stalactites, stalagmites, draperies and columns. Other highlights are 25 m deep shafts with clear lakes on the ground. But the highlight is the Landmark Room with its spectacular arrays of helictite crystals.

The cave ist at the moment in a process of further development. The administration plans to open a second tour, the Rapunzel Tour. It will lead down to the cave lakes which are 25 m deeper on a staircase from the Colossal Room. The tour is named after Rapunzel's Hair, a group of impressive, twined rope-like roots from an oak tree far above at the surface. This will be the end of this tour. However, the works have not yet started and as far as we know there is no schedule so far.