Cameron Cave

Useful Information

Location: Highway 79 South, Hannibal, MO.
Open: Memorial Day to Labor Day daily 10, 12, 13:30, 15.
Fee: Adults USD 15, Children (5-12) USD 8.
Groups (20+): Adults USD 10, Children (5-12) USD 7, High School USD 9.
Plus tax.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. Louisiana limestone.
Light: Hand held lanterns.
Dimension: L=7,435 m, VR=8 m.
Guided tours: Lantern Tour: D=80 min.
Tours begin at the Mark Twain Cave Visitors Center.
Address: Mark Twain Cave, PO Box 913 RR 3, Hannibal, MO 63401, Tel. +1-573-221-1656. Reservations: 1-800-527-0304. E-mail: contact
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1923 Mark Twain Cave purchased by Judge E.T. Cameron.
Winter 1925 Cameron Cave discovered by Arch Cameron, the son of E. T. Cameron.
1978 first lantern tours.


Cameron Cave is one of Missouri's newest show caves. The second cave attraction in Mark Twain Cave Park.

Cameron Cave and Mark Twain Cave are different parts of the same cave system, which is today intersected by Cave Hollow. Both are unusual for Missouri as they are maze-like cave systems, formed along intersecting joints. At one point in Cameron Cave six passages intersect. High, narrow, and dry passages crosshatch the rock under the hills. The passages end in dirt fill, when they intersect the valley sides, or they just become too narrow for people to fit through. The caves are overlain by a layer of water resistant shale, preventing most water from entering. So the caves are very dry and possess very few speleothems.

The cave remained in a very natural state, as only very little changes were made to make the tour more comfortable. Nevertheless a visit is safe as it meets all Missouri State Safety regulations for show caves. There is no electric light, instead the visitors get hand held lanterns, as they were used in the times of Mark Twain.

Judge E.T. Cameron, who guided Mark Twain Cave when he was a boy, purchased it in 1923. Cameron Cave is named after his son Arch Cameron, who discovered Cameron Cave in 1925.