Coral Caverns

Wonderland Cave - Wonderland Coral Cave

Useful Information

Location: Mann's Choice, PA, 11km west of Bedford, PA. PA Turnpike exit 11, Rte 30 west 7km, Rte 31 west 5km to Mann's Choice. Turn left into Cavern Street, signposted.
(40° 0'27.73"N, 78°35'15.53"W)
Open: May-June, Sep-Oct weekends 10-17. Jul-Aug daily 10-17.
Fee: Adults USD 9, Children USD 4.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave, Devonian Helderberg limestone
Light: electric
Guided tours: D=35min.
Bibliography: Kevin Patrick (2004): Pennsylvania Caves & other rocky roadside wonders, Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, Pa, USA, 248 pp, illus. p 10, 17, 29, 44, 47, 63-64, 75, 76, 139-40, 167, 168-69, 173-75, 225.
Ralph W Stome (1932): Pennsylvania Caves, Pennsylvania Geological Survey Fourth Series, Bulletin G3, p 13-18, survey, 4 photos.
Address: Coral Caverns, Route 31, Cavern Street, Mann's Choice, PA 15550, Tel: +1-814-623-6882.
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1928 discovered by blasting during quarry operations.
1932 stairways and light installed by Philip Hughes, opened to the public.
1999 reopened after renovating the entrance to the cave.
1966 15m tunnel drilled into rear of cave making the tour a through trip.
1985 owner Steve Hall closed the original entrance to avoid the liability of the steep steps leading down to the cave.
1992 new owner Bill VanDeventer.


Characteristic for Coral Caverns are the fossils in the limestone walls: stromataporoids, brachiopods, and horn corals.

At one time in the history of the cave, it was completely flooded and massive calcite crystals, which only form under water, were formed. These were later covered with a stalactite flow giving rise to some unusually shaped formations. The highlight of the cave is the 10m high Cathedral Room, full of speleothems and limestone pendants. Practically no wall or ceiling is free of speleothems and many areas are coated with calcite to a thickness of 15 to 45cm.

Text by Tony Oldham (2005). With kind permission.