Cub Run Cave

Useful Information

Location: At Cub Run, north of Mammoth Cave National Park.
I-65 exit Munfordville, into Munfordville, in the center turn right on Hwy 88 west, 22 km to Cub Run, follow Hwy 88 for 2.5 km, turn left opposite Macedonia Baptist Church.
Western Kentucky Parkway, exit Leitchfield, Hwy 259 south 10 km, turn left on Hwy 226 for 2 km, turn right on Hwy 88 east, turn right after 21 km opposite Macedonia Baptist Church.
Open: Adults USD 14, Children (4-18) USD 9. [2006]
Fee: daily [2006]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=2,400 m.
Guided tours: L=800 m.
Address: Cub Run Cave
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1950 discovered by Kenneth Childress and his cousin Duvall Logsdon.
1951 opened to the public.
NOV-2005 bought by Terry and Judy Schneble.
MAY-2006 scheduled cave reopening.


Cub Run Cave was discovered by two teenage farm boys, Garland Kenneth Childress and his cousin Duvall Logsdon. At a small spring in a wooded bluff they felt a strong cold breeze. It was so stron, leaves on trees five meters away stirred. After a little digging they crawled in, equipped with a kerosene lamp. After about 20 m, the small stream passage opened into a large room filled with amazing formations. Extraordinary are the rare boxwork speleothems.

The cave was soon opened for the public. Unfortunately surface land was owned by three different owners, and they could not agree on how the attraction should be managed. Soon they went to court, and finally all lost and the cave was sealed.

After several decades, the cave is now reopened. 200 acres of land, which covers the entire cave, was bought by Terry and Judy Schneble. The renovated the paths, constructing 800 m of wooden walkway, installed a new electric light system, and built a new restaurant in front of the cave. At the moment the cave is not wheelchair ready, but this will be.

Cub Run Cave has a cave river, once called Otter Spring. Blind crawfish and minnows living in the river, are presented in a pool along the trail.