Fisher Cave

Useful Information

Location: South of Interstate 44 on Missouri Highway 185 at Sullivan, MO. In Meramec State Park, at the edge of the campground.
Open: Only with prior arrangements.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: Hand-held lamps
Guided tours: D=90 min, L=1,060 m.
Address: Fisher Cave, Meramec State Park, HC 65, Box 4, Sullivan, MO 63080, +1-314-468-6072
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Fisher Cave is known for its large and uniquely shaped formations. The cave shows a vast assortment of deposits, including stalactites, stalagmites and columns. It is home to various troglobionts like salamanders and frogs.

Although generally rather spacious, there are a few locations on the tour where the ceiling is only 1.25 m high, or the passage only 40 cm wide. Together with the flashlights, this tour is rather close to a true cave tour, and definitely not suitable for visitors with claustrophobia. Fisher Cave is only one of 30 caves found in Meramec State Park.