Ledge View Nature Center

Montgomery Cave - Carolyn's Caverns - Mother's Cave

Useful Information

Location: 2.5 km south of Chilton, east of Lake Winnebago.
Open: Park: all year daily dawn to dusk.
Nature Center: all year Mon-Fri 8-16:30, Sat, Sun 10-16:30. Closed on major holidays.
Caves: For schools and groups: mid-APR to mid-NOV, after appointment.
For the general public: end-MAY to first weekend in NOV Sat, Sun 13.
Adventure tour: end-MAY to first weekend in NOV Sat 10.
Fee: Park: free.
Nature Center: free.
Caves: Adults USD 5.
Adventure tour: per Person USD 6, Children (0-7) not allowed.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: electric torches, lanterns.
Guided tours: D=2-3 h, V=33,000/a[2007].
Address: Ledge View Nature Center, W2348 Short Road, Chilton, WI 53014, Tel: +1-920-849-7094.
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1860 first visits of Montgomery Cave.
1986 Carolyn's Caverns discovered.


Ledge View Nature Center offers educational tours into three semi-wild caves. The caves are not lighted and the visitors should bring electric torches, the guides will supply lanterns. Difficult descends are equipped with ladders and steps, so climbing equipment is not necessary, but all caves include crawling passages. The visitors should wear old clothes as they might get dirty. Long pants and a sweatshirt are necessary because of the low temperature. Good shoes, walking boots, are advisable too.

Montgomery Cave was the earliest visited cave and thus shows several remains of human impact. It has been known since the American Civil War. The tour is held with emphasis on its history. Carolyn's Caverns are actually three caves called Bat Cave, Carolyn's and Dave's Sink. This tour shows numerous cave formations. Mother's Cave is narrow and low, the whole tour is done crawling.

Some time ago members of the Wisconsin Speleological Society connected Carolyn's Caverns and Mothers Cave, which are now part of the same cave system. It is possible to make a through trip now.

There are some restrictions to the age of the visitors. Children must be at least five years old, and at least eight years for Mother's Cave. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Because of the crawling this caves are not suitable for old or disabled visitors. A certain amount of physical fitness is necessary. But there is still Ledge View Nature Center, a museum showing many beauties of the area. Animals and plants, geology and landscape are explained. Special features are Wisconsin's bats, which are explained in an exhibition calleed Bat Barn. They also offer guided walks through the surrounding forests.