Cave Spring

The Cave and Rolater Park

Useful Information

Location: Cave Spring, 24 km southwest of Rome, on Hwy 411, South.
Open: Park: no restrictions.
Cave and Spring: MAY to SEP .
Fee: Adults USD 1.
Classification: KarstKarst Spring
Light: n/a
Guided tours: L=30 m, VR=10 m.
Address: Historic Cave Spring and Rolater Park, 3 Georgia Ave., Cave Spring, GA 30124, Tel: +1-706-777-3382, +1-706-777-0523, Fax: +1-706-777-3383. 706-777-9944 or 706-777-3994. E-mail: contact
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1832 village established around a cave with a spring inside.
1852 city of Cave Spring incorporated.
23-OCT-1931 deeded to the residents of Cave Spring by Dr. J. B. Rolater.


Cave Spring is a small town in Vann's Valley dubbed after a cave with a spring. In 1832, when the city was established by settlers of English and Scotish-Irish ancestry, the spring was incorporated into the new village as a convenient source of fresh water. The karst spring produces two million gallons of water daily.

This spring is found today in Rolater Park, just off the town square. It is named after Dr. J. B. Rolater who deeded the whole area of 12 ha to the residents of Cave Spring for their enjoyment.

The cave has impressive formations including the legendary Devil's Stool. Park, cave and spring are open to the public. Visitors are allowed to bring jugs to fill at the spring and take home for drinking.