Jacob's Well

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Classification: KarstKarst Spring
Light: n/a
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Address: Jacob's Well
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1850s discovered by early settlers.


Jacob's Well is a typical deep karst spring, with water welling up from a cave system. The crystal clear hole shows the dark blue colour of water with a high limestone content. The floor of the spring is a layer of massive limestone, the water emerges from a 10 m deep shaft with vertical walls and an almost circular shape. Below is one of the longest underwater caves in Texas, which is explored by cave divers to a water depth of 40 m.

The spring is used for bathing, a wooden plank lead to a wall built with limestone rocks on the limestone close to the shaft. From here it is possible to jump and dive into the hole.

Jacob's Well is the spring of Cypress Creek. It was discovered by early white settlers in the 1850s, when they followed Cypress Creek to its source.