Brunson Instrument Company

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Location: Kansas City
Open: after appointment [2005]
Fee: free [2005]
Classification: SubterraneaFactory
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: Ar=20,000m²
Guided tours:
Address: Brunson Instrument Company, 8000 E. 23rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64129, Tel: +1-816-483-3187, Fax: +1-816-241-1945.
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1927 company founded by A.N. Brunson.
1960 moved into underground factory.


The Brunson Instrument Company produces supreme quality optical instrumens for surveying and navigational instruments. Founded by A.N. Brunson as an one-man repair shop in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, it developed over decades. When he needed an absolutely rock-stable environment to facilitate the production of fine instruments, he had the revolutionary of an underground factory. The benefits are obvious: simple temperature and humidity control, high security, absolutely no building sway or traffic vibrations.

The factory was built into a limestone cliff, and is covered by 26 m of 300 Million years old limestone. The whole facory has a size of almost 20,000m², all underground. Only the entrance is visible from outside, and it is fascinating as it is several steps higher than the surrounding parking lot.