Faris Caves

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Location: Between Brookville, Kanopolis, Ellsworth, and Salina. From Brookville Hwy. K-140 west 21 km to County Road 22, turn south on Road 22 (gravel). After 7.2 km turn west on 'N' Road, 2.5 km until it ends at the caves.
Open: no restriction
Fee: free
Classification: SubterraneaCave House Dakota Sandstone
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Address: Kanopolis State Park, Tel: +1-785-546-2565.
Ellsworth/Kanopolis Chamber of Commerce, Tel: +1-785-472-4071.
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1880s excavated by a Colorado miner named Charles Griffee.
1893 purchased by the Faris family.
1955 Kanopolis State Park created.


The Faris caves are named after the owners of the area, the Faris family. They were rather famous, as they owned one of the largest farms in the area. However, they did not built the caves.

The hill of Dakota Sandstone was ideal for building a cave house, the cliff allows easy access to the rock, and the soft sandstone is easy to mine and gives a good climate in the caves. The caves were excavated by the owner of the land, Charles Griffee. He had been a miner in Colorada, so he knew the techniques. He built the caves to live in, but after a few years he sold the whole property to the Faris family.

The Faris family constructed a wooden house nearby and lived there. The caves were used as a spring house and a generator room. For a short time it was used as a school.

There sre stories about indian wall paintings, but as the caves are younger they are definitely outside. They are very hard to find, and this is obviously good for their protection.