The Grove Park Inn

Useful Information

Location: At Asheville. I-240 exit 5B Charlotte Street, north on Charlotte Street
Open: All year daily.
Fee: JAN to MAR USD 150 to USD 375,
APR to MAY USD 215 to USD 405,
JUN to OCT USD 235 to USD 415,
NOV to DEC USD 215 to USD 405.
Classification: SubterraneaGrotto
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa, 290 Macon Avenue, Asheville, NC 28804, Free: +1-800-438-0050, Tel: +1-828-252-2711, Fax: +1-828-253-7053. E-mail: contact
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1913 opened to the public.
2001 spa grotto opened.


The Grove Park Inn is a typical resort with a really huge and variated spa which was added in 2001 to the historic building. It is not very old and it is not really underground. Neverthelees it is definitely what we call a grotto: an artificial space which is designed to look like a cave, with rocks and other phantastic items like shells or waterfalls.

The hotel and the spa were built using the fine granite of the area, but as the hotel was built in a classic way, the spa was constructed with irregular walls resembling natural caves. The spa was built into the U of the hotel building. Visible from all wings, it still does not disturb the view to the golf course and the Blue Ridge Mountains, as it is built into the earth. The roof, except some windows, is covered by rocks and shrubs, and looks almost like a natural hill. The stair does down to the spa entrance and looks like a cave entrance. A waterfall cascades in front of the spa's entrance.

The center of the spa is a huge pool, divided into two contrasting areas by a red waterfall. The mineral pool is bright and light-filled with skylights high in the ceiling. The lap pool is dark and really resembles a cave, as most of the light comes from torchieres on stone columns. The upper part looks like a natural cave, with irregular rocks, suppported by columns of unrendered granite blocks.