Injun Joe's Cave

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Location: Southwest of Orlando, off I 4, west of the Florida Turnpike.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Replica
Light: none
Guided tours:
Bibliography: Mark Twain (1987): Tom Sawyer, Penguin Books, October 1987, 256pp, ISBN: 0140390839. Bookat Amazon .

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1956 Tom Sawyer Island opened.


Injun Joes's Cave is named after Injun Joe, the bad character from Mark Twains book Tom Sawyer. As this is Disney World, the cave is a prefect replica made of concrete, cabon fibre and colour, equipped with animatronic and singing dripstone. OK, just kidding, the last bit was a joke. This cave is neither a natural cave nor a museum exhibition or something. Despite its obvious qualities, geologic or speleological accuracy is not the design principle.