Milton House

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Location: Milton
Open: Memorial Day to Labor Day daily 10-16, last tour 16, tours every half hour.
Labor Day to Memorial Day Mon-Fri 13-16, torus after appointment.
Fee: Adults USD 6, Children (5-12) USD 3, Children (0-4) free, Seniors (62+) USD 5.
Groups (12+): Adults USD 4, Children (5-17) USD 3.
Classification: SubterraneaTunnel SubterraneaUnderground Railroad
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Milton House Museum, 18 South Janesville St., Milton, Wisconsin 53563, Tel: +1-608-868-7772, Fax: +1-608-868-1698. E-mail: contact
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1844 Milton House built.



Milton House is a former stagecoach inn operated by Joseph Goodrich. He was born in Hancock, Massachusetts, in 1800. He moved to Milton with his wife Nancy and his son Ezra and daughter Jane in 1838. Here they built Milton House in 1844.

Joseph Goodrich was well-known in the area as a strong anti-slavery man. But as a known abolitionist he faced imprisonment and a fine, when cought hiding runaway slaves. He actually cared for them in the basement of the inn, where they could eat and rest and get ready for the next stage of their escape. But he could not bring them through the inn, because he did not know if he could trust his patrons. Instead they entered through the cabin to the rear of the inn. There is a trap door in the cabin's floor and a dirt tunnel leading to the basement of the inn. If the alarm were sounded they had to crawl back through the tunnel to the log cabin and get away down to Storrs Lake.