Historic Old Sacramento

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Location: Sacramento city centre. Tour check-in: Sacramento History Museum, 101 I Street in Old Sacramento.
Open: APR to MAY Sat, Sun 10:30-15, every half hour.
01-JUN to 17-JUN Thu-Sun 10:30-15, every half hour.
18-JUN to 03-SEP Mon-Wed 11, 12:30, 14, Thu-Sun 10:30-15, every half hour.
06-SEP to NOV Thu, Fri 11, 12:30, 14, Sat, Sun 10:30-15, every half hour.
Fee: Adults USD 15, Children (6-17) USD 10, Children (0-5) free.
Classification: SubterraneaUnderground City
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=45min
Address: E-mail: contact
The Historic Old Sacramento Foundation (HOSF), 101 I Street, Old Sacramento, Tel: +1-916-808-7059, Fax +1-916-264-5100. E-mail: contact
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JAN-2010 start of development.
10-JUL-2010 opened to the public.



Historic Old Sacramento offers guided underground tours through the hollow sidewalks below Old Sacramento. Those structures were once at ground level, but during the 1860s and 1870s the sidewalks were raised and the first floor of the buildings became the new ground floor. The reason were regular winter floods of the Sacramento and American rivers in the city, with the raising of the city streets an extensive levee system was put in place. The system works well, there are no floods any more. Many parts of the ground level were filled in, but an enormous system of underground walkways, with old storefronts and sidewalks still exists.

The Historic Old Sacramento Foundation was developing underground tours, financed by the Sacramento City Council with a $185,000 loan. The guides are actors focusing on various topics based on actual events from Old Sacramento history.

Another place where the Sacramento underground is visible, is the record store Records in the basement of 710 K Street. A block-long catacomb, a series of rooms, alcoves and little hallways, which was once the lobby of a hotel is used to store vinyl disc of the 20th century. There are even ghost stories about the place, telling about a young man who was killed in this place.