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Location: Kansas City. Interstate 435, exit Missouri 210 east, at flashlights turn north.
Open: after appointment [2005]
Fee: free [2005]
Classification: MineLimestone Mine SubterraneaRock Mines SubterraneaFactory cellar
Light: electric
Dimension: Ar=460,000m².
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Address: Hunt Midwest SubTropolis, 8300 NE Underground Drive, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64161, Tel: +1-816-455-2500, Fax: +1-816-455-4462. E-mail: contact
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1945 limestone mining started.


SubTropolis advertises to be the world's largest underground business complex. Huge underground caverns with a size of almost half a million square meters house 50 local, national and international businesses. There are warehousing, cold storage, light manufacturing and office operations.

The underground caverns are a result of limestone mining using the room and pilar method. This means, the whole layer was mined, but to support the ceiling pilars were left. They are 20m apart, 12m wide room alternating with 8m wider pilars. The floors were paved and the whole mine is now for rent. Because of the huge size it is possible to separate any size of space and even to resize it later by merging it with adjacent free space.

The main arguments for such an underground business space are the environmental factors: the temperature and humidity is the same all year. It both is suitable for the intended business ther are no costs for heating or cooling. It is also ideal for cold storage, as it is not necessary to cool down from hot summer temperatures, which saves a lot of energy. All in all this are the same reasons as always. Additionally theres the aspect of security. The surface is patroled, so there is no way to enter the stores from outside.

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