Yucca Mountain Science Center

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Location: 4101 Meadows Ln, Las Vegas
Open: All year Mon-Fri 8-11:30, 12:30-17.
Fee: Free
Guided tours:
Address: Yucca Mountain Science Center, 4101 Meadows Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89107-3105, Tel: +1-702-295-1312.
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The Yucca Mountain is actually a mountain ridge. It consists of volcanic tuff deposited by an supervolcano. The area is semi arid, so there is little precipitation and as a result there will be little water entering the tunnels. The water table is rather low and lies far below the facility, which is also an important security feature.


All nations using atomic power to produce energy have the same problem: where do we put the radioactive waste? There are no solutions, so what is done is always the same, the search for a "long term" deposit. The Yucca Mountain Facility near Las Vegas, Nevada, is the solution of the US Government. Obviously the locals are not very proud of the fact, that they will become the waste dump of the rest of the nation.

The Yucca Mountain Science Center is an information center located in Las Vegas, intended to give as much information about nuclear power and nuclear waste as possible. Obviously it is intended to reduce the resistance by giving objective information on the scientific background. So this is actually an above ground information center for an underground site which is not accessible at all.

The Yucca Mountain Facility consists of a U-shaped main tunnel, which was created by a huge boring machine. To both sides caverns are excavated to store the radioactive waste.

There are actzally three almost identical information centres. Beneath the one in Las Vegas there is one in Beatty and one in Pahrump.