Gold Reef City

Crown Mines' No.14 shaft

Useful Information

Location: South of central Johannesburg. M1 Bloemfontein lane, Booysens exit. Signposted.
Open: Gold Reef City Theme Park:
All year Tue-Sun 9:30-17, last entry 16.
Gauteng School Holidays daily 9:30-17, last entry 16.
Underground Mine Tours:
All year Tue-Sun 10, 10:30, 11, 11:30, 12, 12:20, 14, 14:30, 15, 15:30, 16, 16:20.
Gauteng School Holidays daily 10, 10:30, 11, 11:30, 12, 12:20, 14, 14:30, 15, 15:30, 16, 16:20.
Closed 25-DEC. [2006]
Fee: Gold Reef City Theme Park:
Weekdays out of School Holidays and Public Holidays: Adults ZAR 70, Seniors ZAR 20, Children (-1.20m) free, Family (2+2) 280
Weekends, School Holidays and Public Holidays: Adults ZAR 90, Seniors ZAR 45, Children (-1.20m) free, Family (2+2) 280
Underground Mine Tours: Adults ZAR 60
Classification: MineGold Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: VR=3,293 m.
Bibliography: VR=220 m.
Address: Gold Reef City, Underground Mine Tours, Johannesburg, Tel: (011) 248-6857, Fax: (011) 248-6863. E-mail: contact
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1886 George Harrison and George Walker discovered the Main Reef.
1897 mine opened.
1890s begin of deep-level mining.
1916 mine holds the record for the deepest mine shaft.
1977 mine closed.


Gold Reef City is a theme park about the gold fields and their history. It includes an open-air museum with many historic buildings of a 19th century mining town. Obviously there are also a lot of rides, restaurants, and even some casinos. Unfortunately it is necessary to pay the park fee plus the underground mine tour fee to see the mine This makes it very expensive if you just want to see the mine.

Gold Reef City was built on the grounds of the former Crown Mines. The buildings and part of the mine, mine shaft no 14 to be exact, is included into the park. Actually it was the 13th shaft but they skipped this number due to superstition. Visitors are equipped with a helmet and a miners lamp with its big battery pack. Then the tour goes down the shaft with a cage, a mine elevator, to the 220 meters level. This is the top level of the mine, which once reached a depth of 3,293 m.

The Crown Mines are among the earliest and most important workings along the Main Reef of Johannesburg.