The Alpha Omega Cave

Useful Information

Location: R36 Main Road, Ohrigstad, 1122.
The Shoe, 20 km north of Ohrigstad
(-24.584904720087216, 30.632703565690605)
Open: All year Mon-Fri 9:30-15:30, Sat, Sun 9:30-15.
Fee: Adults ZAR 60, Children (0-11) ZAR 30.
The Shoe: Adults ZAR 5, Children (0-11) ZAR 5.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Church
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=60-90 min.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: The Alpha Omega Cave, P.O. Box 206, Ohrigstad, 1122, Limpopo, Tel: +27-87-1488-610, Cell: +27-82-763-7269, Cell: +27-83-333-1006. E-mail:
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1990 property purchased by Ron van Zyl and shoe built.
1996 beginning of the construction of the caves.
1999 opened to the public.


The Alpha Omega Cave is despite the name not a cave, it's a man-made underground structure which was created by the artist Ron van Zyl. He dug seven underground rooms and sculpted spiritual motives into the walls. The work took three years. When it was completed he opened the caves to the public, he and his daughter Michell and his son Aldo, guide visitors through the cave. The spiritual world is explained by sculptures, sound and lighting. So the tour is actually a mixture of art, mysticism and Christian sect.

In addition to the caves, there are also sculptures on a rock face, about 3 km down the road towards Echo Caves. They are similar in style and an earlier work of Ron van Zyl, which he created before he built The Shoe.