Useful Information

Location: Near Johnsbach, at the Gesäuse. Start at the Köblwirt, 45 min walk to the cave.
Open: only after appointment [2008]
Fee: Adults EUR 12. [2008]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: no light, headlights and helmets provided.
Guided tours: D=4 h.
Address: Gasthof Kölbwirt, Fam. Berghofer-Wolf, A-8912 Johnsbach, Tel: +43-3611-216, Fax: +43-3611-339. E-mail: contact
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1909 600 m of the cave explored.
1910 opened to the public by the owner, the landlord of the Köblwirt.
1931 declared a natural monument.
2002 reopening by the current Köblwirt.


The Odelsteinhöhle was opened for the public only a few years ago, although it is a very old show cave. The first time it was developed and opened was in 1910, but after some decades as a show cave it was closed. Unfortunately in this time several break-ins by mineral collectors happened, with bad destructions to the most famous feature of the cave: this is the only show cave in Austria with an iron based speleothem locally called Eisenblüte. This mineral is typically blue or white.

The cave was now closed by a stable door, to prevent further destructions, and it is again open to the public. But access is only possible in small groups and with a cave guide. The cave has no paths and no light, but it is easy to visit. Visitors should wear appropriate clothes and good walking shoes. Helmets with headlamps are provided.

The tour takes about four hours, which includes the 45 minute walk to the cave. The first part is at last head high and very easy to visit. The a very low passage, only one metre high, makes it necessary to crawl a bit. The last part of the cave includes a descend, which is possible with a modern aluminium ladder.