Useful Information

Location: Hagengebirge. 1 h walk from the parking.
Open: MAY to NOV. Winter also if the snow allows access. Only after appointment, minimum 7 persons.
Fee: yes
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: Carbide lamps provided by the guide. Or bring electric headlamps.
Dimension: L=1,400 m, VR=120 m, A=740 m a.s.l., T=10°.
Portal: W=20 m, H=5 m.
Katasternummer: 1335/4
Guided tours: D=4h+2 h walk.
Address: Herbert Burian, Geprüfter Höhlenführer (Certified Cave Guide), Markt 19, A-5450 Werfen, Tel/Fax: +43-6468-7554. E-mail: contact
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1828 visited by Ferdinand Raimund.
1975 deadly accident, two cave divers die.


The Scheukofen is a nice cave with speleothems and some easy climbs. Some low parts make the cave an adverture for children. However, it is not a show cave, you will get dirty, should be reasonable fit and have no problems with tight passages. Participants should bring rubber boots, working gloves, old clothes, Schlaz (caving overall).

The cave is about 1 h walk from the parking lot. The 4 hours tour will include little height difference, just a view easy climbs. Some Schlufe (low passages) give the tour some adventure. The cave has nice speleothems.