Salzburg is a beautiful old town at the river Salzach, north of the Alps. The country Salzburg includes some lower parts around the town, and a part of the Alps to the south. The name contais the word Salz, German for salt, and many other names of locations in this area contain the much older Thrakian word Hal, which also means salt (Hallein, Halstatt,...). In this area many places of salt mining can be found.

The salt mining was done throughout the past 3000 years! Salt was called the white gold, as it always was very valuable. It was rare, hard to get, absolutele necessary for life and corning, the only known technique for preserving food (e.g. ham). It was of higher value than gold, as an old proverb says: you can live without gold, but you can not live without salt.

But also real gold was found in the area. It was mined for thousands of years and at numerous locations. Less valuable but also earning a living for the miners were the copper ores of the area.

Beneath the mines, there are several show caves to visit in the country Salzburg. The caves belong to the alpine karst and are rather big and cold, and at a high altitude. They are located in the mountain range called nördliche Kalkalpen(northern limestone Alps).