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Open: no restrictions, except weather permitting.
Fee: Adults EUR 1.50, Children EUR 0.50.
Money is collected in a box at the entrance to the gorge.
Classification: ExplainGorge
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=1,000m, VR=70m, 52 bridges and ladders, 2,800 steps, highest waterfall 38m.
Guided tours: D=40min one way
Address: Kesselfallklamm, ÖAV Sektion Graz
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1904 first path created by the Steirischer Gebirgsverein.


The Kesselfallklamm is steep brook in a narrow gorge, not like other with only a few meters from one side to the other, but still pretty deep with vertical walls on both sides. The valley ascends pretty steep, and so the path was mostly constructed of wooden walkways and bridges. The gorge is not very long, but because of the height difference the visit is rather strenuous and good shoes are required. You should plan at least 45 minutes for the way up, 90 minutes up and back is more comfortable and gives you time to take a view pictures.

The most impressive thing with this gorge is not the narrowness of the gorge. It is the pure white colour of the rocks. Located south of the central Alpine mountains which are composed of crystalline rocks, the mountains here are made of limestone. The limestone is karstified and there are caves nearby. But here the gorge is cut into the limestone, and although limestone tends to become gray on the surface, it is still white in the gorge. Obviously it is regularly cleaned by the water.